Our Politicians Pose and Posture But Miss On the Important Problem

by Jerry on February 1, 2012

Mike McCune  Our Politicians Pose and Posture But Miss On the Important ProblemBy Michael McCune

In all the worthless debate in the Republican GOP primary race and the answering salvos from the Obama camp, nobody has addressed the biggest concern I have over the upcoming election. The persons who can answer that area–an area our government should actually be listing as its top priority–is going to be whom person I support as President, Senator and Representative.

America’s intelligence community, our elected officials and our justice system have not addressed the Number One threat to America. Despite all the blather about unemployment, Obamacare, the debt and the unworthiness of the worthy opponents, somebody has misplaced the ball on the Islam issue. I understand the Constitution gives a person the right of freedom of religion. But Islam is different in that it isn’t just a religion but a form of government in and of itself.

Since the days of Bill Clinton, as the Muslim problem began intruding on American life, America continues to seriously misjudge the Islam question and is clueless when it comes to dealing with these people. The biggest, and by far the worst, miscalculation is that these people want peace and a society as we know it. This error in judgment is handing a valuable weapon to the most implacable enemy this country has ever faced.

It is almost horrific to go through the list of errors this country’s leadership has made in the past 20 years alone in dealing with Islam but start with our involvement in Bosnia. I will agree the Serbs were killing their enemies when U.S.-led NATO forces intruded on that country. But the Balkans have long held a belief, dating back before the Crusades, that it is perfectly acceptable to kill your enemy when you can or before he can kill you. To that end the aided Muslims had sided with the Germans in WWII and left a swath of barbarism in their wake against the Serbs. The Milosevich-led Serbs were merely getting their share back. Now, with the more-U.S.A. friendly Serbs as decided underdogs, the Muslims own the guns, chalking up one more country whose aim is to destroy the “Great Satan.”

George Bush surged into Iraq, toppled Saddam Hussein, and expected the same kind of welcome from the populace the Allies received from the Europeans when they dislodged the Germans. This assumption blithely ignored the fact all sides in the Iraq struggle are Muslim and, behind Israel, hate America more than any place on Earth. The flower bouquets were sadly missing but plenty of American blood was spilled.

Our current C-in-C got us out of Iraq but surged into Afghanistan. For an allegedly smart man and college professor he has proven to be dumber than those who preceded him; Afghanistan, as history teaches, is the place “empires go to die.” Apparently Obama missed class that day because history is a required course of study for the degrees he allegedly has as an practicing attorney.

We now come to the myriad regulations defining terrorism set down by Homeland Security. There are numerous laws now established where it is illegal to plot against the United States or its government in even the most cursory manner. Yet, through the justice system’s numerous ineffective layers, we are not allowed to regulate these hostile-government agents called Muslims. No we search 8-year old boys and 80-year old women but let the agents of a foreign government freely move about our country without restraint. At least the State Department should make all of them register as foreign diplomats, or haven’t they looked at the implications of Shariah Law?

Our Constitution expressly allows the freedom of religion to be practiced but our Founding Fathers missed the fact Islam is a religion and a government!
This was beyond the scope of their understanding in the meaning of ‘religion’ as used in the Constitution. The current state of affairs demands we acknowledge this threat without delay. If the people involved cannot be legally detained, then they ought to be deported as unregistered foreign diplomats. But our government plays deaf, dumb and blind; our media outlets still hail the “democracy shown by the Arab Spring”; and our community Muslims insist they are “peaceful.”

I cannot believe any of them. Our government is plain foolish about too many things because of politics. Our media outlets fail to remember Aristotle’s warning about democracy, “Democracy is not a form of government but a system of anarchy.” And the local Muslim leaders still extol the virtues of Shariah Law, a support which is entirely opposed to the basis of a “free society” and our government and should therefore be dealt with by our justice system.

This voter is still waiting for one gutsy person to state the obvious from the gilded soapbox they have pursued. Until then, as in “Brewster’s Millions”, the only possible choice is None Of The Above.


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CindyL February 19, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Bravo. Islamic supremacy is the #1 threat to America. We face so many dangers that many threats are up to the critical level but Islam is the greatest threat of them all.


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